Sunday, March 17, 2013

what running has taught me

it's been a while since i started running and i have ran a few races here and there. i have also ran in trail and finished in top 50. that's great for a first timer like me. and it makes me really proud.

my first trail run where i finished 38th overall
after all these races, had to reflect and look back at my accomplishments. it's not a bad thing after all, is it? well, i didn't look back to gloat or anything like that. i just had to so that i could see what are the effects of running to me and my lifestyle.

so, first and foremost, running gave me a wider set of friends. i had to join a running group so that i can have someone kick my lazy ass when i slack off. that was the idea, anyway. but what i found are people who would lift me up whenever my self confidence dips. i have found me friends who are there to cheer me no regardless how good or bad my performance is. they also offer a tip or two to improve myself and my running. i cannot be thankful enough for this blessing.

second, unless you die, you should never quit. in a race, you will experience all kinds of humps that will test your determination to perform. you will experience fatigue, minor injuries and sometimes, even storms. these things will not kill you and they will only help you be better in the future races. so embrace the pain and tough it out and finish the race. pain is temporary but quitting will haunt you forever.

my running friends
third, you may suffer a major injury that will force you not to finish or race at all but as long as you can recover and get back to running, bounce back strong. you owe it to yourself to make it up and perform a lot better. but keep in mind not to overdo it because you might end up with another major injury that will force you to give up running altogether.

fourth, never race without a game plan. a race is not always won by the strongest runner. most of them are won by a runner with the best game plan. know your strengths and weaknesses, know the race route and plan accordingly. also, prepare your body through proper training and diet. a race does not start on gun start. it starts on the first day you train for it.

five, always feel good about yourself when you run. give yourself a pat on the back whenever you finish a race, PR or not. because only when you feel good that you will keep running. the moment you feel bad, it will pull you away from running and that shouldn't happen. never let a bad race or a bad training ruin your running career.

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